5 Free Android Games That Stay Installed on My Phone

When you’re playing a game on your phone or tablet, there are many options, and it can take a while to find your favorite gem. Honestly, I’m tired of Angry Birds, and I wouldn’t say I like Temple Run, so I looked beyond the recommendations of any publishing site because I know there are unpopular games, but they are addictive. Unfortunately, when you enter Google Play, Amazon, or other parts of the BlackBerry App World, you find yourself walking into the sewer most of the time, but I find that some great games aren’t off the beaten track. The following games cannot be deleted from my phone.


This is literally the first game I’ve ever played on an Android phone. Designed like Boggle, you can find words in messy letter cubes. My wife loves this game so much that I will use my phone every day when I get home from work. I have to buy her a tablet to stop.

Robot defense

Now I know this is no stranger, but I have played and played this game. As far as I know, this is the best tower defense game right now. It has powerful features and performance that will make you want to play a different game. I have a paid version of this.

Bubble pop

I use it as a good way to pass the time. You hardly have to think about it because the game is almost automatic. Just adjust the ball’s color, but when they add a new color, the color of the ball becomes more difficult. You may have seen the game in Red Robin’s kiosk module.

Friction movement

So simple, yet addictive. This reminds me of a carnival competition where guns move back and forth and fire pucks that look like hockey pucks. When it floats to the stop position, the number on it is 3, and then you start the post puck to decrease the number until it disappears. If you don’t plan on shooting, the screen will fill up quickly.


Do you remember the game Qix? I do! You are actually trying to steal screen space from your computer. If you own 75% of the screen, you have already completed that level. I like the game, the gameplay, and the clear sound in the overall design.


This is an addictive unknown game. This is a retro tank game designed like Tron and Combat. The free version only lets you fire one bullet at a time, but it’s still exciting. I upgraded to the paid version and am glad I did. It is a joy to cross the enemy and one stone wall after another. It only takes about 2 minutes to play a level, so it feels great when you line up.

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