A Guide to Some of the Best Android Games

Want to play some games on your new Android phone but don’t know what to download first? Let this overview guide you through the task.

Skip the girl anime style intersection between minesweeper and hopscotch, you have to press the number corresponding to the distance to travel in the next step to clear the randomly placed 1s, 2s and As panels. There is a handy assistant mode that can tell you all the available actions at any time.

Hold em poker fans may want to download this interesting Texas Hold em simulator, which can run normally, but the double click and flop features will complicate the already clunky operating system.

JK Connect Four – these two players can only connect 4 emulators, is a sufficiently functional version of the classic game, with basic graphics and no extra features, but the lack of a single-player mode means you might not spend much time with it.

Light Racer Fans of the iconic Disney sci-fi movie “Tron” may want to include a version of this light-cycle game in the movie. The object of the game is to ride your bike and leave a colorful path behind you so that opponents have to avoid when they want to stay in the game, and the goal is to trap them without entanglement.

Extinguish – an addictive addictive puzzle game where you tap an invisible connection light on the touch screen with your finger to turn the grid completely black. fantastic.

Lunar Lander – one of the worst games on Android, in this game you have to land a spaceship on the surface of the moon, which is represented by colored lines. Just like the old 8-bit classic thrust, but with all the interesting bits removed.

ZeptoRacer – This racing game takes a long time to load and is hardly worth it because the controls are clunky and the vibrations that indicate you’re doing something wrong are not only annoying, but they drain the battery.

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