Advantages to Android Game Development

The mobile games development industry has introduced an essential aspect of the on-device market conceptualization. The ability to develop and publish video games is more successful and easier than ever. Additionally, since the Android application market only has to pay the application submission fee, the cost of bringing the product to market is almost negligible for millions of customers. Even the submission process is much shorter than most other smartphones as the Android OS application rules are much more relaxed.

Another attraction of developing games on Android devices is the Java language. Java has long been one of the most popular programming languages ​​for video game developers, so it is straightforward for regular programmers to develop Android for the first time. Compared to most other mobile platforms that usually use adapted or newly invented languages, the learning curve has been reduced almost to zero, allowing new developers to complete the game in a short time.

Another unique aspect of Android game development is the lack of standardization in the droid phone lineup. Since a mobile phone manufacturer does not license android OS, the mobile phone itself can undergo major changes in terms of features and hardware specifications. While one device has A-GPS and HDMI video compatibility with all features, another device may have a QWERTY keyboard but no GPS at all. While this is no doubt appealing to some developers as they may find a phone that exactly meets their hardware requirements. Still, as some phones cannot support more complex applications, it will also limit the potential audience.

When the game development process finally reaches the point where it can be released to the public, developers will face a different choice: In which market will the game get the most attention? Unlike iOS, Android phones have many markets and app stores, and each market has its own pros and cons. The standard Android market that only lists apps compatible with the current mobile phone to the Amazon App Store, which offers several free apps every day, a myriad of marketing strategies is almost daunting. More convenient is that you can almost always combine one. The application enters multiple markets without any problems. But whether it makes sense to divert attention to different areas is a very different question.

Overall, the Android games development process can bring the most diversity to the smartphone market. From start to finish, the strategy can be adapted to the developers’ needs to make the game as close to the current original concept as possible. While the audience may not be as large as iPhone users, Android’s accessibility makes it a pure competitor. With the widest variety of smartphones on the market, the development opportunities are endless, and continuous releases can only increase the platform’s features.

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