Amazing Android Game Packs: Bonsai Blast, Abduction! World Attack and Robot Defense

Banzai explosion

Bonzai Blast has an enviable position in the Google Play Store and is considered one of the best free puzzle games. Android users can play Bonsai Blast to relax their nerves and enjoy an exciting experience. This is an android puzzle app, when you upgrade to a higher level it will be both addictive and challenging. In the free version, users can choose two game modes: adventure and survival. The adventure mode contains 24 levels and is one of the largest content with advanced partners. To stay in the game, you just need to shoot three equally colored marble chains from the production line with a gun to break them before they reach the end. If you fail, you automatically lose the game. You can form multiple chains to increase the score and eliminate more marbles at the same time. Reward points and value-added rewards allow players to focus on the game. The Bonsai Blast game can be played on all levels, and the addictive nature of the game will entice users to save this application on their Android phones forever.

Kidnapped! World War

Android kidnapping games are aimed at kids. Android app developers have created a relatively simple game platform that allows players to use screen puppets to save the stars from predator creatures. The alien wanted to devour the cow. The livestock rescue operation is done by jumping off the platform. The application is controlled by the phone’s hardware functions, the accelerometer, and by tilting the phone to either side, you can use the cow bounce to manipulate the movement between the spacecraft and the alien spacecraft. This is ideal for people to fill in the occasional spare time.

Robot defense

Robot Defense is one of the best games on the Android Store and is expected to offer the ultimate portable tower defense game with open maps, upgrades, achievements, and beautiful graphics. This is a classic application in which the player must defend the tower using skillful strategies to build defenses against nasty robot attacks. There are 3 difficulty levels in this application and each level has 40 sub levels for a total of 120 levels. The choice of defense can be upgraded. Robot Defense offers a fast forward feature that allows the game to be played twice as fast. If you have experience playing tower defense games then you will be addicted to this application as it offers surprising strategies for such an easy installation.

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