Feroze will start again…?



The popular game Fireji was banned in India, but now there are reports that the ban will be removed soon from the Fireji game. . In which an associate level manager is being hired in India. Since this post, people believe that the ban is probably going to be removed from the military game.

Feroze will start again…?

LinkedIn posted a job

Regarding this job post on LinkedIn, the position is for “Engineering Development Gaszan Manager”. Let us know that in order to pay more attention to the Indian market, Talji is trying to strategize for merger, investment and acquisition for which a local person is being searched. In addition, the person coming to this position will have to contribute to the Bulgaria pulse for PUBG India with the Gandens of Krafton’s Headoffice in South Korea.

Will the army be back

However, this post is considered by people as a nod to the fuzzy riff. But let us know that in the post, only military is written in the listing of jobs and not military mobile.

Significantly, the government had banned Dhoji Mobile, but Fontji can still be downloaded and played on its PC and game console versions.

Fauji’s job post may also mean that the gaming company is looking to invest in the e-sports space in the country and is now looking to strengthen Swaraji’s grip in the Indian market.

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